Python for Ethical hacker is a class that is designed to teach you the functions of Python that play a role in a penetration testing career. It is not necessary to know Python from a complete programming language knowledge level, however, there are certain commands and functions that are critical to... becoming a top-tier professional.
This Python course is ideal for beginners (non-coders) who desire to learn the scripting language that is important for successfully advancing in cyber security and penetration testing careers. Additionally, it is a good fit for those already in cyber security roles who want to further their education of these advanced scripts.

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You can find here the full syllabus of course: Python for Penetration

1. Introduction to Python
1.1 Introduction To Python
1.2 Getting started
1.3 Variables And Data Types Part 1
1.4 Variables And Data Types Part 2
1.5 Conditional Statements And Loops Part 1
1.6 Conditional Statements And Loops Part 2
1.7 Conditional Statements And Loops Part 3
1.8 Functions in Python
1.9 Exceptional Handing in Python
2.1 Classes And Objects
2.2 Inheritance
2.3 Creating Own Modules
2.4 File Handing
2.5 Multithreading
2.6 Threading And Queues
2.7 Multiprocessing
2.8 Subprocess
2.9 Py_to_exe
3.01 Introduction To Sockets TCP And UDP
3.02 Simple TCP Socket Server Part 1
3.03 Simple TCP Socket Server Part 2
3.04 Simple Tcp Client
3.05 Multithreaded TCP Server
3.06 Socket Server Framework
3.07 Introduction To Raw Sockets
3.08 Packet Sniffing With Raw Sockets
3.09 Packet Injection With Raw Sockets
3.10 Packet Sniffing With Scapy
3.11 Packet Injection With Scapy
3.12 Writing Programs in Python With Scapy
4.1 Fetching Webpages
4.2 Parsing HTML Using Beautiful Soup
4.3 Creating Own Web Scapper
4.4 HTML Authentication Bruteforce
4.5 HTML Authentication Bruteforce continue
4.6 Bruteforcing Web DirecTories And Files
4.7 0WASP And CTFs For Practicing
5.1 SSH With Paramiko
5.2 SSH Bruteforcing Using Paramiko
5.3 SSH Tunneling
5.4 SFTP With Paramiko
5.5 Using Nmap Inside Python
6.1 Creating Botnets in Python
6.2 Creating A Keylogger in Python
6.3 Reverse Shell
6.4 Python Based Ransomware
6.5 Python Based Ransomware Part 2

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