This course is designed to master the worlds most powerful exploitation tool Metasploit Framework.
The Contents of this course is already available for free to access in here. In our course we are going to take you through the step-bystep prac...tical guide on our test environment.
Because it is a beginners guide so we will not be discussing all exploit Research development, Scripting
and other Advance Topics.
This Course is designed on Metasploit framework so it is assumed that the student already knows about
the basics of Ethical Hacking and cybersecurity for just to getting started.
This course is only for educational Purpose, everything here is done in controlled lab environment.
Practicing these things on an enterprise or public environment can cause you serious legal issues.
Course level: beginner to intermediate

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You can find here the full syllabus of course: Metasploit Framework Unleashed

1.001 Introduction To Course
1.002 Setting Up Lab Environment
1.003 Installing Kali Linux
1.004 Installing Parrot Security Os
1.005 Installing Metasploitable
1.006 VMware Network Setup
1.007 Metasploit Architecture
2.001 Msfcli
2.002 Msfconsole Part 1
2.003 Msfconsole Part 2
2.004 Exploits, Payloads And Its Types
2.005 Solving Windows Ctf
2.006 Hacking Windows With Powershell Payload
2.007 Connecting To Database And Managing Workflow
3.001 Information Gathering Using Metasploit
3.002 Wmap Scanner
3.003 Password Sniffing And Smb Login Check
3.004 Nessus Installation
3.005 Nessus Scans
4.001 Generating Binary Payload
4.002 Executable Payload Bind Shell
4.003 Executable Payload Reverse Shell
4.004 Bypassing Firewall And Defender In Windows 10
4.005 Hacking Windows 10 Like Pro
4.006 Creating Payload For Android Operating Systems
4.007 Hacking Linux With Payload And Netcat Shell
5.001 Solving Ctf Blue Ms-17-010
5.002 Solving Picklerick Room (Web To Shell)
5.003 Solving Vulneversity Room (Linux Priviledge Escalation Using Suid)
5.005 Exploiting Samba, Unrealircd, Java Rmi Vulnerabilities
6.001 Privilege Escalation In Windows And Linux
6.002 Introduction To Pivoting And Port Forwarding
6.003 Pivoting Practical
6.004 Port Forwarding Practical
6.005 Post Exploitation Techniques (Network Sniffing, Screenshot, Rdp)
6.006 Pass The Hash Using Metasploit
6.007 Persistent Netcat Backdoor
7.001 Maintaining Access And Backdoors
7.002 Persistence Backdoor And Keystroke Capturing
7.003 Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability
7.004 Local File Inclusion Ctf Solving
8.001 Maintaining Access And Backdoors
8.002 Persistence Backdoor And Keystroke Capturing
8.003 Remote File Inclusion Vulnerability
8.004 Metasploit Pro

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