This course will focus on the Burp Suite. The swiss army knife for web hackers and bug bounty hunters. At the moment the Burp Suite is the most important tool for web penetration testing, what you learn in this course can be immediately used in web application assessments.

We will cover various a...spects of the tool and leverage it to pull our different web attacks, first, we will set up our own test environment, then I will show you how to use the various modules in the tool. These tools like request and intruder will help you automate your job and to try different payloads to identify attacks like XSS and SQL injection

After finishing this course you will have a good grasp on burpsuite and you will be able to employ the Burpsuite in your work immediately.

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You can find here the full syllabus of course: Mastering Burpsuite for professionals

1.001 Introduction to Burpsuite
1.002 Burpsuite Installation In Windows And Linux
1.003 Setting Up Burp Proxy And Some Extensions
2.001 Http Basic Overview
2.002 Http Vs Https
2.003 Requests
2.004 Response
2.005 Labs Installations
2.006 Target tab
2.007 Repeater
2.008 Intruder
2.009 Sequencer
3.001 Tryhackme Introduction
3.002 Sql Injection
3.003 Blind Sql Injection
3.004 Xss Attack With Burpsuite
3.005 Stored Xss
3.006 Csrf Attack With Burpsuit
4.001 Api Pentesting
4.002 Performing Mitm Attacks In Local Networks By Configuring Hidden Proxy Using Burpsuite On Computer
4.003 Performing MITM attacks in Local networks by configuring hidden proxy using Burpsuite on android
4.004 SSL Certification Installation On Target Device
5.001 Session Highjacking
5.002 Jwt Tokens Hacking
5.003 Bypassing OTP lab setup
5.004 OTP Bypassing
5.005 Attacking Webstore

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