In this mini-course, you'll learn the essentials of writing your own Linux shell scripts, including:

How to avoid the most common mistakes made by inexperienced shell scripters.
Understanding and using best practices and standard conventions. (If you don't follow these guidelines you'll look lik...e a rank amateur.)
A simple technique that can make amazingly complex scripts easy to write.

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You can find here the full syllabus of course: Linux Bash

01 Introduction to Linux Bash
02 What is Shell
03 Linux Subsystem On Windows
04 Vim Text Editor
05 Vim Text Editor Part 2
06 Printing Text On Terminal
07 Variables
08 Arithmetic Operation
09 Special Variables
10 Arrays
11 Associative Arrays
12 Aliases
13 Getting And Setting Date And Delay
14 Grep And Cut Command
15 Pipes
16 Input Output Redirection Part 1
17 Input Output Redirection Part 2
18 Wildcards
19 Read User Input And Processing
20 Decision Making with If Else
21 Operators
22 While Loop
23 For Loop
24 Until Loop And Script Debugging
25 Decision Making With Case
26 Select Loop And Iterating Over Array
27 Function And Arguments
28 Create Own Startup Script
29 Accessing Web Contents in Bash
30 Sending Files Over Network
31 DD Command

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