Advance command line and powershell course is designed to teach you the advance use of scripting and terminals which are vital in cyber security and penetration testing career. in this course you will learn from basic to advance , we will walk you through zero to hero in window command line , you wi...ll learn powerfull features of powershell and learn how to write own scripts.

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You can find here the full syllabus of course: Advance Powershell Scripting for Cyber Security

001 Introduction to Advance Powershell Scripting for Cyber Security in Hindi
002. Manipulate Prompt Ui
003. Setting System Date And Time
004. Basic Operations
005. Managing User Accounts
006. Getting System Information
007. Getting Network Information
008. Getting Installed Programs And Storage Information
009. Getting Running Tasks,Processes & Services
010. Getting Command Output In Text File Using Cmd
011. Hiding & Encrypting Files Using Cmd
012. Disk Management Using Cmd
013. Shutdown , Restart & Logoff Using Cmd
014. Learning To Use Command Redirection Operators
015. Intreracting With System
016. Monitoring The Known And Unknown Activity
017. Interacting With Window Registry
018. Using Task Scheduler
019. Auditing For Viruses And Attackers Attacks
020. Getting Started With Batch Scripting (Full Batch Scripting A To Z)
021. How To Code Own Viruses
022. Converting Virus Script Into Executable File
023. Introduction To Window Powershell Why It Is Important For Cyber Security
024. Basic Operations & Functions
025. Managing Tasks & Services Using Powershell
026. Format , Clean & Partitioning Hard Drives
027. Analyzing Network Adapters (Wired & Wireless)
028. Giving Ip Address , Network Mask & Default Gateway
029. Getting Wifi Password With Powershell
030. Configuring Vpn Connection Using Powershell
031. Modifying Windows Registry Using Powershell
032. Configuring Firewall Rules Using Powershell
033. File Acls With Powershell
034. Introduction To Scripting
035. What Is Datatype & Variables
036. What Are Operators With Types
037. Decision Making Using Powershell Scripting
038. Arrays In Powershell Scripting
039. Loops & Iteration In Powershell Scripting (For, Foreach & While)
040. Adding Startup With Powershell
041. Converting Ps1 Script To Exe
042. Admin-Panel Finder With Powershell
043. Creating Port Scanner With Powershell
044. Getting Browser History With Powershell
045. Hacking Target Pc System With Powershell

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