(Beginners) Android Hacking & Security Course

| Course Duration: 10:07:00 |

The course is designed as a complete guide to understand and practice Android Mobile app hacking efficiently in real time.
We provide you material and references to get more understanding and learning this tool. The course is very well structured.

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You can find here the full syllabus of course: (Beginners) Android Hacking & Security Course

1.1 Introduction to Android Hacking & Security Complete Practical Course
1.2 New Android Lab Setup April 2020
1.2 Old Android Lab Setup Part.
1.3 Old Android Lab Setup Part2.
1.4 Android Permission And File System.
1.5 Top 10 Android Application For Pentesters.
2.1 All About Rooting.
2.2 What is Busybox.
2.3 GNU Linux And Termux.
2.4.1 Knowing SSH.
2.4.2 Knowing VNC.
2.5 Installing Metasploit On Android
2.6 Introduction To ToR & VPN.
3.1 Introduction To Android driller.
3.2 Introduction To Android Tamer.
3.3 Introduction To ADB & Forensics.
3.4 Insecure Data STorage - SQLite Database.
3.5 Introduction Lucky Patcher And Game Guardian.
4.1 Hacking Android Phone Using Malware (Windows).
4.2 Hacking Android Phone Using Pupy (Kali Linux).
4.3 Hacking Android Phone Using MSF And Armitage.
4.4 Introduction To Android Lost.
4.5 Reverse Engineering with APKTooL.
4.6 Embedding Payload with Original Apk.
5.1 Introduction to ZANTI
5.2 Hacking Windows Using Termux.
5.3 Port-Forwarding Techniques in Android.
5.4 Fuzzing Android Apps with Burp - Proxy.
5.5 Performing Phishing Attack Over WAN
6.1 Attack WiFi Network with wibr Pro.
6.2 Introduction To WPS Tester and Android Dumper.
6.3 Introduction To Netcut and WiFiKill.
6.4 Setting Up a Proxy for Android Device.
6.5 Generating and Installing CA Certificate in Android.
6.6 Real World MITM And SSL MITM Attacks (l).
7.1 Fake WhatsApp And Instagram Chat GeneraTor.
7.2 Automated Call Bot.
7.3 Introduction To WhatsApp Bot.
7.4 Managing Root Permission With Magisk.
7.5 Introduction To Custom Recovery and ROM
8.1 Data Access Control in Android.
8.2 Firewall in Android.
8.3 Safe Mode in Android.
8.4 Top USSD Code For Android.
8.5 Data Backup.
8.6 Android Spyware.
9.001 Introduction
9.002 Android Introduction
9.003 System Setup
9.004 Parrot Os Installation
9.005 Android Architecture
9.006 Adb Concept
9.007 Shodan-Hacker's Search Engine
9.008 Hacking Android Using Ip
9.009 Hacking Phone With Phone sploit
9.010 Hacking Android With Links
9.011 Hacking Android With Virus ( Using Pc )
9.012 Creating Virus With Android
9.013 Controling Phone With Meterpreter
9.014 Port Forwarding Concept
9.015 Hacking Phone From Any Location Using Ngrok
9.016 Port Forwarding With Portmap
9.017 Port Forwading With Vpn
9.018 Binding Payload With Other App Mannually
9.019 Binding Payload With Other App ( Easy Method )
9.020 How Antivirus Works
9.021 Bypassing Google Protection
9.022 Running Virus In Background Using Persistance Script
9.023 Hacking Android Using Rats
9.024 Botnets
9.025 Instagram and Social Media Accounts Hacking
9.026 Thanks A Lot

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